What we believe

God is big! Yet He loves every individual.

That Jesus is God's Son who came to die on the cross to pay the price for all the sin  (the wrong things we do) in our lives.

That following His death, Jesus rose from the grave, and is alive today, and sent the Holy Spirit to be with His people.

That anyone who believes that Jesus died for them, and accepts by faith the forgiveness and new life He offers, is a true Christian.

That the Bible is the complete and trustworthy Word of God.

That the church is made up of all those who have trusted Jesus as Saviour and Lord, and every individual has a vital role to play in God's plan.

That part of the believer's responsibility is to obey Jesus' command to be baptised, to meet regularly to worship God, and to remember why Jesus died as we celebrate communion together.

That this church is open to welcome anybody who wants to come and discover these truths for themselves.

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