Youth on Weekdays

Revival (school years 10-13) Thursday 8:00pm - 9:30pm

This group meets every Thursday. It's a group for school years 10 to 13 and we aim to help our older teens work through what God is calling them to do next whether it be to lead, stay, help in other groups, go to uni, take a gap year, travel, be involved in mission.  Every other week the group meets at Church to study  Bible-based material which can include films, music, DVD study guides, reviewing key themes from the Bible, studying individual men or women from the Bible and other big topics such as relationships, sex, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, faith, and what happens when you die. The group discusses together, eats together, listens to each other, prays together, and teaches and learns from each other.

On alternate Thursday the group meets socially giving the young people the opportunity to play games,  hang out together and socialise. We have done Cinema trips. Games evenings, meals out, quiz night. It is an opportunity to just relax in the middle of the school/ college week. 

Find us on Facebook : FBCYouth - to share testimony, stories, encouraging words, videos, social ideas and upcoming events.

Ignite (school years 6-9) Thursdays 6.30pm - 7:45pm

This group meets on a Thursday in the youth hall at the bottom of the car park next to the Church. 

Every other week there is bible based study. This might be around a character, a theme e.g. creation versus evolution, gifts of the spirit.  The group aims to engage the young people in topics that they want to discuss and think about.  There are also games and plenty of food thrown in! 

The other Thursdays are social evenings. This can range between team games like Benchball, rugby netball, Nerf guns and chill out evenings with a film and hot chocolate. We also have table tennis, pool. Table football, Guitar Hero and Wii.  We encourage young people to bring friends and enjoy just hanging out together.